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Hi folks,
I just got word of some new press for The Water is Wide, this time from jazz journalist and author Kevin Lynch. Here's what he wrote:
"Kelsey Jillette cuts to the heart of a song with a canny incisiveness that belies her age. Her voice, all honey dewed ripeness, seems to inhabit disparate styles as naturally as taking successive breaths. Yet each utters its own: from Paul Simon spirits to Bossa Carnaval to Dameron bop to [Duke's] blossom and Fats’ rose. Jillette’s Brazilian burbles effortlessly. It’s been ages since I’ve heard such self-possession in a young jazz stylist. 'The Water is Wide' is her album and Jillette’s prospective horizon stretches as far, and beyond." -- Kevin Lynch, award winning jazz journalist and author of the forthcoming “Voices in the River: The Jazz Message to Democracy.”

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