Musings on a night off

Well, I'm almost at the end of one of my most musically eclectic months in some time. Five gigs more before it's over. I am still buzzing from the pleasure of being Dawnie Love's backup singer this past Thursday. I spend most of my time in the jazz world, and it was a great experience to work with a talented pop band. As a backup singer I got to half-watch the show from my spot on the sidelines, and by the end I was a huge fan! Happily I'll get a chance to play with them again next month at their next show. Aw yeah!

That same night, I met Brad back in Manhattan at WOR's radio station, to sing on The Joey Reynolds Show at midnight. I almost fell asleep on the couch before we went on, but as soon as we started I was wide awake and happy to be there. What a curious and interesting guy Joey Reynolds is. He comes across as a curmudgeon, and says wild, sweeping statements about anything that crosses his mind. But he is super smart and can back up everything he says. He is as honest and plain spoken a person as I have met. So, that was a nice end to the night: we played some tunes on his show and then headed for home.

And my band played last night at The 55 Bar for our monthly spot. Man, what a great place to play, and how much do I appreciate the guys I play with? More than I can say, that's for sure. They bring such a good vibe and so much good music to the table. We played some new arrangements last night, made some new fans, saw some friends. I can't wait to record again with them, and really hope that our tour plans come together.

I must admit, I'm writing this in my pajamas, at 9pm, glass of wine in hand. I am so happy for this day off! All I did was work on my website and bake cookies today :)
It's been a lot of rehearsals and new music and shows lately. Some of the prep has been for these next ones coming up, for which I have to be up to speed on all the Latin music I know and some I don't know. I like being so busy and having deadlines, and it makes having a day off extremely pleasant!

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