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Well, I'm up late on a night off, tinkering with the website, new photos and video. It has been a whirlwind week or so, and I am so happy to be sitting here in a big fuzzy robe, messing with my laptop at 3am.

This past weekend we went on the road to Ohio and packed close to 25 hours of car time into a 48 hour period. It was more driving that any of us needed, but somehow we all had a really nice time, had some good barbeque, saw some bible belt small-town America. We played the Presidential Gala at Shawnee University on a nice big stage, stayed the night and headed for home. Then, following a great gig with The Big Bang Big Band on Monday, we played the 55 Bar on Wednesday back in Greenwich Village, and I kind of think that all those hours together made the music that much more cohesive and good.

It's been a good, energy-giving week for music. I hope I can hang onto that feeling. Well, goodnight for now, and thanks for reading... -K

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