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STYLE: jazz, pop, folk, Latin.  Vocalist Kelsey Jillette is in her 7th year as a regular performer at the famed 55 Bar in NYC's Greenwich Village. She has been featured twice on the national Joey Reynolds Show as well as on Radam Schwartz's album "Songs for the Soul" on Arabesque Records. Recently, Jillette has been a resident performer at The Pierre Hotel, The Hotel Plaza Athenee and Swing 46 Supper Club. Her 2009 album, The Water is Wide, was released on Consolidated Artists (CAP). In December, 2013, Jillette had the cover story for the Greenwich Citizen. Walter Kolosky for wrote: “What a pleasure it is to hear the talented jazz vocalist Kelsey intriguing voice...breathy, yet has a deepness at the same time...a cool emphatic manner that compels you to listen to every word. The Kelsey Jillette Group is the real deal. You need to give them a listen.”  Born in Washington, D.C., Kelsey Jillette holds degrees in Theater Arts (Brown University) and Jazz Performance (New School University). 

Kelsey Jillette sings lyrical, groovy takes on wide-ranging straight ahead jazz. She brings a cool swing and a playful and enchanting vibe to jazz standards, Latin tunes and funky 70's pop with her classy 1950's jazz quartet The Lovesome, her groovesome and melodious percussion-based Latin combo The Americas Project, and her loungy, funky 70's pop band The Kelsey Jillette Group. Jillette also fronts The Big Bang Big Band, a classic 10-piece band.

"Kelsey Jillette cuts to the heart of a song with a canny incisiveness that belies her age. Her voice, all honey dewed ripeness, seems to inhabit disparate styles as naturally as taking successive breaths...It’s been ages since I’ve heard such self-possession in a young jazz stylist. 'The Water is Wide' is her album and Jillette’s prospective horizon stretches as far, and beyond."   - Kevin Lynch, award-winning jazz journalist & author of the forthcoming “Voices in the River: The Jazz Message to Democracy.

Kelsey's Projects

STYLE: Soulful Jazz, pop, folk, Latin.  
Jillette sings lyrical, soulful takes on favorite songs across genres. Described as expressive, earthy, playful yet stirring, her distinctive sound illuminates Jazz standards, Latin tunes, folk songs and classic R&B so that each song is uniquely her own.  Jillette co-leads the acoustic quartet The Americas Project and fronts both the 1950's jazz quartet The Lovesome and The Big Bang Big Band, a classic 10-piece band. 

The Americas Project, North and South American folk music that's groovesome and melodious. Melding cajon and assorted percussion, upright bass, nylon-string guitar and vocals, Jillette's Latin-based combo The Americas Project plays music from two continents in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English. See us monthly at the famed 55 Bar in Greenwich Village! 

The Lovesome, Soulful Jazz, Vintage R&B from New York City. A classy 1950's Jazz and Bossanova trio or quartet. Kelsey's straight ahead jazz combo The Lovesome brings cool jazz from NYC - upscale, compact, always tasteful. Their substantial jazz standards repertoire includes time-tested favorites and lesser-known gems. We sometimes scale down to duo and other times add horns to make a sextet. 

The Kelsey Jillette Group, jazz-infused folk-pop and funk band featuring organ and guitar. This organ group brings a loungy, funky vibe and plays a mix of standards and groovy, soulful 70's and 80's pop. 

The Big Bang Big Band, a 10-piece classic big band whose swing lights up the dance floor. We play big band swing - think Ellington, Fletcher Henderson, Count Basie- with sensitive dynamics that can fit just about any room. We also go by the name The Tom Abbott Orchestra.

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