Astoria, Morristown, Broadway -- here are some things to put on the radar

Hi everybody and happy cool, cool Spring. Thank you for coming out to the 55 Bar in May, I loved playing the 55 Bar with Jason Ennis joining The Americas Project on guitar- what a happy night that was :) Dates there are in the works, but in the meantime, this Saturday I'm playing a brunch in Astoria with wonderful bassist Daniel Foose. Then I'll start an 8 week run at the Millennium Hotel on Broadway next Thursday the 23rd. It's billed as The Lovesome Duo, and I'll be bringing in some of my favorite guitarists to play the songbook. Really looking forward to that getting underway. And Friday the 24th I'll be in Morristown, NJ playing a special concert with guitarist Tom Dempsey. Details are on the schedule. I hope to see you! Best, Kelsey

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