Univision, L'Escale shows, and carpet shampooing

Hi all, hope it was a good weekend. I got to hear the Fairfield County Chorale perform Copeland, Ives and other American works on Saturday, and saw the St. Catherine Players' closing show of Peter Pan with my daughter, whose belief in fairies is strong as ever. Came away from both thinking about all the hours and energy people put into those shows- what a good thing to do with our time on the planet. It's so interesting and challenging to balance music with all the other parts of life. I had time to think about it whilst chasing my daughter around with the rented carpet shampooer on Sunday. Nice. Meanwhile, over on the music front... tomorrow I"ll be playing for Univision with Daniel Foose on bass and Jason Ennis on guitar. And April 1st I'll be at L'escale for a first show there. Really looking forward to both, and hope to see some CT folks out for L'escale. Stay warm and dry, everybody! -K

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